Bicycle lighting device designed in Transylvania.
When OFF, it is completely hidden inside the handlebar like an owl in the hollow.
To turn it ON, one must click on its end. It is released outside by a click-clack system and can be rotated 360 degrees in order to adjust the direction of the light beam.
That is why we proudly call it Owlight.

Completely hidden inside the handle. You can only feel the titanium logo.

White L.E.D. light. You can toggle and rotate for angle adjustment or “check your shoe shine”.

The only exposed part is made of Titanium Alloy TC4 which gives lightness, high strength, and corrosion resistance. Always ready to face the dark side of the city.

Better check your handle diameter before choosing Owlight, you never know.

Select the right rubber ring from 3 included and insert the Owlight into the handle (this may need some practice).

The cylindrical design of the Owlight fits only in straight handles. Nobody is perfect.

So undercover, not even the rain can see Owlight.

Old school mechanics so why not old school batteries (included).

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Made in Transylvania/ EU

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